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Flooring Fitting

Poorly fitted flooring can mean you’re plagued with problems later on, from leaks to cracks and other nasty surprises that can ruin your floor and even affect other parts of your home. Our highly skilled and professional team have many years’ combined experienced in fitting a range of flooring. We will fit your flooring with the right amount of space to settle and expand to make sure it works as well in the future as it does the first day it’s fitted.

Our expert installers are experienced in fitting many different types of flooring, from carpets to vinyl and pay impressive attention to the finest details to make sure you get the very best from your new floor. You’ll always receive the floor you ordered and it will be installed to the high standard you expect. Working safely and respecting your home, we employ our own team of installers so you get the peace of mind that your installer will be competent and complete the job professionally.

Even if you’ve sourced your flooring elsewhere, you can still enjoy the benefits of our professional flooring fitting service. And whether you’ve sourced it yourself or through us, we treat each and every customer with the same respect and show the same commitment to doing a job both Kentish Flooring Centre and our customers can be proud of.

Underfloor Heating

Previously seen in houses of the rich and famous, underfloor heating has become more accessible and affordable than ever before. With more and more discerning homeowners across the country reaping the many benefits of underfloor heating, our expert installers have many years’ experience in fitting underfloor heating properly and professionally.

Did you know underfloor heating is actually more economical that radiators? Not only does it look better that radiators, it adds value to your home and makes it more saleable should you ever decide to move.

Underfloor heating provides efficient, constant and controlled heat to your home, reducing both your energy bills and your carbon footprint. So you can be kinder on the environment whilst your flooring feels kinder under your feet!

With little to no maintenance costs. underfloor heating is a savvy solution for modern homeowners. It’s even able to be programmed to offer different amounts of heat in different areas, whereas traditional heating is controlled by a single thermostat, so you can concentrate on heating the most used areas of your home.

We only supply underfloor heating from reputable, leading providers and our installers are experts in working with the particular demands of installing this innovative flooring system. It can be used under a number of different flooring products and finishes so you can still enjoy beautiful flooring, but with the benefits of heat to boot.

Safety Flooring

As well as providing homeowners across Kent with our fantastic flooring solutions, we also supply and install flooring for industrial sites which require specific safety flooring. Used in areas where people work, play, live or learn, from hospitals to schools, kitchens to toilets and much more, a slip resistant flooring can be key in creating safe environments.

We understand how important clients’ responsibilities to offer a safe working environment are and we take our role in this seriously by working with reputable and respected brands. Non-slip, incredibly hard-wearing, easy to maintain and even offering anti-bacterial properties, we stock a wide range of safety flooring products for use across a number of industries.
Our expert installers have many years’ experience working with and installing safety flooring in and around Kent. Available in a range of colours, you can combine the safety benefits of our flooring with the aesthetic appeal of bright, bold or subtle coloured safety flooring. Safety flooring gives you the peace of mind that you’re providing a safe and non-slip environment that’s compliant with regulations and can meet your project’s safety specifications.
We supply and install.